Corporate Synergy

Corporate Synergy workshop is intended to  establish the company vision and values,  and its  alignment across the organisation. It will Build an effective internal communication, recognize leaders within everyone and improved performance, motivation, efficiency and productivity. It will Focus on induvial and group dynamics to build the most encouraging work environment.

The corporate sphere is a combination of an organisation’s structures, hierarchies, opportunities, clients, work pressure, transactions, groups, individuals, success, failures, growth, stagnancy and a lot more.

In my view, among all things what makes the biggest difference in the corporate is company culture & their people. While it is well known that these both aspects are the DNA of the company, often both company culture and people are misinterpreted and misunderstood. Also, its extremely easy to get sucked into transactional and tactical modes and thus lose sight of motivations and  aspirations of your people.

This Workshop can be also customised  to fit into any specific requirements and levels of targeted teams.

Duration: 16 Hours: 2 Full days: One- to – Many, in a group environment.

Pre Study: 2-4 Hours

Home study during the workshop: 4-6 Hours