Neuro Linguistic Programming

NLP, short for Neuro-Linguistic Programming, consists of three aspects: your neurology, language and programming of the facets of neural language. In simple terms, it is the process of learning the language of your mind.

To understand better, we have an analogy. Suppose you are lost in a foreign country, and there is a language barrier. You ask someone  directions, but because they don’t understand, they point you in the wrong way. Similarly, most people have this sort of a relationship with their unconscious mind. You may consciously decide to do several great things per day, but your unconscious mind does not understand that, and everything you wish to happen, is lost in translation.

How many times have you tried to start a fitness regime? You think you will wake up early in the morning and go for a jog. However, your unconscious mind thinks of doing just the opposite. Guess who wins? Your unconscious mind.

NLP is similar to a manual for your brain, giving you the ability to learn the language of your mind so that your unconscious mind will wake up and understand what you truly need. These tools are life-changing as they can be used to understand your SELF  and also to understand others.