About Me

I can share with you how from an early age I have been blessed with the company of many spiritual gurus who initiated me into the most beautiful and enchanting journey of  SELF discovery.

While I can tell you all of the above…

I feel that sharing my life’s journey this far, could help you appreciate that SELF discovery can happen within our daily lives, in the most common and simplistic ways.

The biggest shift happened when I truly realised and experienced that it is MYSELF who is creating the life I’m living all this time. Perhaps I was simply not aware of it and hence I was moving in circles.  From this realisation onwards, I now tend to create all that I have to create, in order to manifest my life’s purpose and truly cherish it.

Let me share more….

At an early stage in my life, I faced several tribulations such as deep personal loss, struggles through my academic years or simply being a rebel without any cause.?

Despite the challenges throughout those years, “something” kept bringing me back in contact with people and circumstances, which led to events crucial to connect me with my life’s purpose. Looking back, that “something” was within me; it never forgot the blueprint of my life’s purpose.

Making my way through, I found rhythm in the chaos of my own life. At the age of 20, I volunteered in a spiritual organisation to help me find my SELF. Eventually I became a teacher there and had the privilege of spreading the learnings and knowledge I received.

At the age of 24, I recognized the personal, professional and family responsibilities.  I decided to embrace corporate life, performing various roles over the last 18 years, leading to different management positions in Multinational companies.

However, I managed to keep my internal flame alive; I took every opportunity to study various modalities of healing  and practice it along with my corporate career.

Today, I see myself as the master of my own time- choosing to take every step in alignment with the purpose of my life.

I choose to invest my time to healing individuals and groups; work with them to define their self-growth path.

I choose to invest my time to be in an advisory role for organisations, as with my extensive corporate experience, I aim to help organisations to achieving their goals.

I choose to invest my time in building a healing retreat in India, where I intend to create a like- minded community.

What do you choose?